Manufacturing Unit

Richimen Silks only uses premium grade raw materials in the manufacturing process which is processed by state of the art machinery. We use grade 4a yarn.

Twisting  Wound Material is given its required texture by twisting on Sophisticated T.F.O Twisters with consistent repeatable quality standards. 

Winding  Quality Raw Silk is wound at regulated Conditions to retain all its physical parameters. 

Warping  Dyed yarn take on to the shape of warp sheet on the Beninger warping machine. 

Chemical Processing  Twisted Material is gently treated for Degumming and dyed with the best of dyes available to have the ultimate fastness characters. 

Weaving  Fabric is woven on high speed Rapier weaving machines equipped with process controlled systems. 

Design Studio  Weaving department is supported by in-house design studio, where designs can be conceived according to the buyers requirement and samples can be produced almost instantly. 

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