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Eksper's e-Governance solutions are in compliance with the guidelines set by the Indian Government Regulatory bodies such as the UGC, MHRD, AICTE, ICAI, Sixth Pay Commission and other State Government bodies. The e Governance Solutions automate Universities to help improve efficiency, build transparency and reduce cost of governance by cutting down on expenditure of physical delivery of information and services

  • e-Governance Solutions for Universities
  • e-Governance Solutions for Colleges
  • e-Governance Solutions for Schools
  • Learning Management Solutions
  • Edu Commerce Solutions

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Technology is growing at a faster rate with time, Businesses grow and the processes also grow. So, there is an apparent need for the system changes with what you have become so familiar with.


The Cloud computing services can be used to address application and infrastructure needs such as Customer Relationship Management and data storage.


Securing the individual systems is the first step toward providing a secure environment. Account and password security are basics that should not be ignored. Our network security services can help to decipher new technology, understand which improvements and investments are right for the business.


We provide a range of services to clients ranging from top global firms to small businesses – from complex data integration to cutting-edge advanced analytics, from personalization to Big Data.

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An institution email service is provided to facilitate communication between all stakeholders.

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Interactive Chat for communication between Internal staff to reduce turnaround time.


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